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Our expertise is divided into three specialties: concrete structures, bridges and viaducts and parking lots. Each of our fields of expertise has a team of specialized and dedicated workers who carry out the work according to the highest quality standards in the industry, in term of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

Our employees are continually trained to work with innovative repair techniques that reduce costs and offer a quality product.

All actions and reflections of Constructions ConCreate Ltée are based on obtaining the best results and customer satisfaction.

Minimizing impacts for users and respecting deadlines are our priority.

The advantages of working with ConCreate

  • A dedicated, experienced and rigorous team that listens to customer ‘s needs
  • Innovative working methods
  • Respect of deadlines
Concrete Structures

Concrete Structures

Our expertise and experience allows us to carry out work on any type of concrete structure. Among these, the repair and installation of maritime and railway structures, the reinforcement of concrete and steel, and the waterproofing of concrete structures.

The ingenuity of our team allows Constructions ConCreate Ltée to use audacious access and work methods to facilitate the work when conditions require it.

Constructions ConCreate Ltée is dedicated to delivering quality projects on time and on budget.



At Constructions ConCreate Ltée, bridges and viaducts are part of our DNA. Since our beginnings in 1987, we have carried out temporary support work, reinforcement of concrete structures by adding post-tensioning steel, emergency work and accelerated work (blitz).

Bridges and viaducts are shared public assets that are subject to constant monitoring. Over the years, the methods of repairing these structures have evolved.

Our employees receive the training required to be able to work according to the latest innovations available.

Constructions ConCreate Ltée makes it a point of honor to propose and use innovative working methods to reduce construction deadlines and at the same time reduce the impacts on users and owners.

Parking Structures

Parking Structures

Constructions ConCreate Ltée offers a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of parking lots, such as localized or complete repair of concrete slabs, reinforcement with carbon fiber and removal and replacement of thin membranes.

With our technical knowledge, we are able to minimize the inconveniences of noise, dust and mobility that this work can cause to users and building owners. Owners are responsible for the preventive maintenance of their structural parking lots. Owners must carry out preventive inspections and keep a record of inspections carried out.

Maintenance of parking lot is subject to RBQ law 122.

Constructions ConCreate Ltée carries out the required repairs according to the results of the inspections and recommendations.

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