At Constructions ConCreate Ltée, bridges and viaducts are part of our DNA. Since our beginnings in 1987, we have carried out temporary support work, reinforcement of concrete structures by adding post-tensioning steel, emergency work and accelerated work (blitz).

Bridges and viaducts are shared public assets that are subject to constant monitoring. Over the years, the methods of repairing these structures have evolved.

Our employees receive the training required to be able to work according to the latest innovations available.

Constructions ConCreate Ltée makes it a point of honor to propose and use innovative working methods to reduce construction deadlines and at the same time reduce the impacts on users and owners.

The advantages of working with ConCreate

  • A dedicated, experienced and rigorous team that listens to customer‘s needs
  • Innovative working methods
  • Respect of deadlines

Constructions ConCreate Ltée specializes in the following:

  • Complete demolition and reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of bridges and/or viaducts
  • Emergency works and accelerated works (blitz)
  • Bridge lifting
  • Temporary support
  • Replacement of bearing pads
  • Concrete demolition and repair
  • Replacement of expansion joints
  • Replacement of drainage systems
  • Structural reinforcement by the addition of exterior post-tensioning
  • Structural reinforcement by the addition of carbon fiber
  • Membranes and waterproofing
  • Repaving
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